How Does It Work?

The Wallpaper Ordering Process

Are you wondering how ordering wallpaper works at our store? Read further to get all the details!

Our Collection

We have a vast collection of wallpaper books in our store from a variety of companies, which our knowledgeable staff can assist you in looking through to find whatever pattern you might have in mind. We are also here to provide inspiration.

We carry brands such as York, A-Street, Cole & Son, Sanderson, and Seabrook and have special sections dedicated to texture, grass cloth, kids' patterns, and black & white, to name a few. We additionally have a sticker system on the spines of books to help us quickly find commonly requested styles such as damask, floral, or geometric. 

We are always happy to help you look for patterns in store and provide hands-on support, and for those who would like additional assistance, in-home consultations are also available through our colour consultants for a fee.

Library Lending

After you've found some books/patterns that interest you, you have the option to borrow our books for up to 1 week via a library lending system. We fill out a borrowing card with your information and can allow you to take multiple books home to view in your own space. We require a credit card to borrow books, but we do not charge it unless the books are lost. We will always call you first if books are late and can extend your borrowing time if you need. There are no late fees for borrowed books.


Once you've decided on a pattern, we can help you calculate an estimate of how much wallpaper you might need based on measurements you provide or you can ask your installer to calculate the number of rolls you require. We can then provide a quote that includes shipping cost and, when you are ready, order the wallpaper of your choice to the store.


Wallpaper is a special order and therefore must be prepaid in full, including shipping costs, before we are able to order it from a supplier. Shipping costs are calculated based on number of rolls and location the paper is shipped from. Orders that contain patterns from two or more different suppliers will result in additional shipping charges, which can be estimated ahead of time with your quote. 

For wallpapers sold by the yard, there may be cutting fees depending on the number of yards ordered. All suppliers have a minimum order size, typically 1 double roll or, when sold by yards, 8-30 yards. 

Most patterns take approximately 2-3 weeks to arrive, and we will call you as soon as they are in. If you need your wallpaper faster, some of our suppliers offer express shipping for an additional fee, and we carry a series of "in-stock" wallpaper patterns that ship from a local warehouse, which take 3 days or less to arrive. 


We are only a wallpaper supplier and thus do not install it. However, we can provide you with a list of trusted wallpaper hangers for your convenience if you need assistance installing your wallpaper. We recommend calling in advance for a quote and to book their services. 

For those who prefer a DIY method, we also supply wallpaper tools in store, including glue, wallpaper smoothers, and trays for pre-pasted wallpaper. 


Typically there are no returns on wallpaper orders unless there was damage during the shipping process or the incorrect pattern was sent by the supplier.

There are some exceptions where suppliers offer returns on unopened wallpaper within 30 days of the wallpaper arriving in store for a restocking fee. Please contact us for more details.


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