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In-Home Colour & Design Consulting Service

All important colour decisions should be made in your space since colour is so affected by its surroundings and the site specific lighting which is why colour chips can look completely different at home then they do in the paint store.

Colour is subjective and personal so on site consultations help you find the perfect palette pulling together the many factors that impact colour choices including:

  • Personal Colour Preferences
  • Architectural & Decor Finishes and Styles
  • Colour Balance
  • Lighting
  • Colour Psychology
  • Colour Trends

How it works

The Colour consultant meets with you on site bringing a collection of extra large colour boards so visualization is easy as she walks through the space with you taking in all the factors involved and coming up with a curated colour palette in consultation with you for your project.

Consulting Fees

$180/hour. 1 hour minimum fee. Prorated on the ½ hour after the first hour.

What is included?

  1. 25% off discount will be applied to paint purchases & 20% off of Sundries with each in-home consultation.
  2. A colour chart will be prepared for you for your records.

Meet the Consultant - Leita Edwards Certified Colour Consultant

Leita gained her colour Consulting Certification with renowned Colour guru Maria Killam in 2015. She cultivated an appreciation for colour and design from living in colourful countries around the world throughout her life which led to a pursuit of study in art and design.

A studio arts degree from Capilano College led to work in the Film industry as a set designer, painter and as a Decorative artist for an International Decorative arts company. Along with further study in Interior design she also brings her expertise from many years of residential Painting, colour & design consulting to her position as the head colour consultant at Howards Paint & Wallpaper.

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